Proposal for AdBlock Plus 5 csillagra értékelve az 5-ből

Currently all filters are separated by families corellated with locales. But still each family is enough big.
It means that every page load goes through this filter family (plus private filters, defined by user) and this is not a piece of cake for browser and CPU.
On other hand the user himself surfs usually only on some subset of pages and might be don't need the whole family. But if he isn't advanced user it is difficult for him to exclude not needed filters from predefined family (and I even don't know if it is possible at all).
My proposal is - adaptive Adblock Plus.
What does it mean.
In the beginning, when ADP is installed it works in "learning mode" that is fully equal to what it does now.
But every particular filter that filtered some advertisment moves to "User's subfamily"
So the next filtering goes separately through "User's subfamily" and then - through predefined filters families.
If the predefined filters filtered some ads - these filters are moved to "User's subfamily", so after some time the remained predefined filters will not filter ads (all or almost all such filters are just moved to "User's subfamily". It is possible to define some criteria (let say N subsequent page loads with no ads filtering by predefined filters) that will switch the ADP to fast mode, where only "User's subfamily" will filter the pages.
In case when user found some unfiltered ads, he can:
1) make "full filtering" one time;
2) switch ADP to learn mode;
3) add his own filter.

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This was suggested before and I don't think that it is worth the effort - it's a complicated solution that will impact user experience negatively. It won't speed up browsing either, merely browser startup. We have an idea in the works that might significantly reduce the size of filter lists instead, that should produce better results IMHO.