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Pink Fox Theme

Dark pink theme for Firefox 4 to 21

Homepage http://web-goodies.net/firefox/
Web Tuts http://web-goodies.net/

If you like the theme please consider making a small contribution by clicking the blue contribute button below!

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Version pour la nouvelle interface Australis. Pink-bee pour Firefox 28 est ici.

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Icon Effects

Apply various effects to Firefox icons.
Grayscale, negative, pink glasses and more...
Also we have cookie forms.

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Variations of flamingo pink, red and orange.
It will integrate with most extensions by default.

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SmallringFX DARKMagenta

This theme is no longer support the current updated version of Firefox, thanks for support from the old days.

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Pink Paula ( PP )

This is PP or Pink Paula. The theme changes Firefox user interface with a nice and light pink style. If you want to get more advanced Pink options, try the PPP version which is an extension. Seach for PPP.

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PinkTheme Pink Pack

The lovely, popular, and improved PinkTheme Extension Edition for Firefox. This extension brings a theme and extras to enhance your Firefox with a pink style.

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