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Job Search Made easy.
Keeping track of job opportunities, applications, companies, key personnel and all the details and documents is haphazard. JobPad uses JobClipper to ease the pain by automatically capturing every application you fill out

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Nicovideo Comment Helper

Toolbar to help you enter style command for comments on Global site of Nico Nico Douga. Japanese site is not supported.

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ebookers Travel + Weather + Currency + Calculator

Excellent desktop utility for currency conversion, weather update, calculator, world clock and updates on hotel & flight deals for your travel destination from ebookers.com.

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Retweeter for Twitter

Retweeter for Twitter adds secure trace-back (also known as provenance) information to retweets. This makes retweets more trustworthy, since you can determine exactly who originally published the content.

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Facebook Button

Add a native looking button (four to choose from) to Firefox on the Navigation Toolbar, Tab Toolbar, or Bookmarks Toolbar. (See screen shots) Left click to go to Facebook, Middle click to open Facebook in a new tab.

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SVN Detector

Detect SVN Files, phpinfo.php, info.php and phpmyadmin on Webpages

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Ohio State University OSU Buckeyes Theme Nincs újraindítás

The Ohio State Buckeyes Browser Theme delivers quick link to the Buckeyes Facebook page and easy access to the best of ohiostatebuckeyes.com

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AccessTab ver.1.0 Nincs újraindítás

Web Accessibility of all linked webpages for a browsing page can be evaluated by toggling through their hyperlinks with the TAB key without the need to open them. It will report the number of errors as a star scale according the W3C WCAG checkpoints.

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Slackware package search bar

Packages search bar for Slacky friends!

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Agora você pode ir além dos likes do Facebook e dizer quando um assunto é realmente

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Search without leaving your page. No need to open new tabs or windows to search. View results from Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, eBay and more neatly organized in your sidebar!

Watch the demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sL5oARop81Y

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Create language learning lessons for your favorite articles online with a few simple clicks. Enjoy rich and interactive content including flashcards and crossword puzzles.

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Removes Close Button

Usuwa przycisk zamykania paska dodatków.

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Das Computerprogramm „Kostenfinder“ markiert viele Informationen zu Kosten auf einer Website - auch wenn sie versteckt sind.

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Bugtracker Reporter

Bugtracker Reporter is an addon for the AdVerit Bugtracker system.
With this addon you can login into the bugtracking system and report any bugs / features / whateveryouwant item.

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Анализатор ссылок при покупке в Sape

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ForLazyPeople Image Uploader

Uploads an image to the ForLazyPeople image hosting site

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Search Engine Switcher

switch search engine quickly by right-click on the add-ons button

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SigBuzz Email Signature Marketing (Gmail & G Apps)

SigBuzz is an Email Signature Marketing tool that enables companies to use email signatures as a powerful marketing channel.

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