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  • WENN es mal läuft, scheint es gute Arbeit zu machen. Aber das Addon ist unzuverlässig, weil nach einiger Zeit die Software sich aufhängt oder ohne jegliche Settings. Ich werde das Programm neu installieren und hoffen, dass es danach wieder geht, denn Datenschutz ist wichtiger denn je!
  • Wanted to like this add-on, but as others have reported, it quits working after some time. Get it running again, and it quits. That's a real shame as these people are trying to something laudable, possibly even noble. I'm 100% behind those that want to keep various entities from tracking us, and using our information to manipulate the population in order to enrich themselves. Yet, the add-on appears to have issues.

  • Thanks for a good addon!
    But at sometime after installing it losed settings and stopped working (
  • Gute Idee, nur läuft eher unzuverlässig.
  • Worked on 3/9 when I downloaded it. Broke on 3/10 when it was updated. Just says TMN Error. None of the buttons work on the Options menu. Can fill out the fields, but clicking buttons does nothing.
  • Зроблено дуже гарно!! Показуе все що треба!!
  • I love this one; it confuses trackers by doing random searches all around!