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  • Juan Escobar your app is awesome and deserve 6/5 stars! 💖 💯
    The user interface is very well done, very user friendly, simple looking, EXCELLENT!
    I read some comments asking for more options or using the mouse wheel, do not bother and please don't change the UI as it is just PERFECT as it is right now. 👍

    Your addon works like a charm!
    Thanks a lot for your hard work, you rock 🏆
  • 为什么我不能在当前页面翻译,但是语音功能很好
  • Das Beste, was ich bisher online gefunden habe!
  • Would be awesome to highlight a text & then use the mousewheel button to get immediate translation, like the Babylon translator way back in the old days, if someone even knows or remembers that.
    Also make it possible in the options to assign another button or key & to switch to translate, read or full page translate.
  • firefox has trouble connecting google translate to its self.