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  • Very good
  • Super-useful and works perfectly
  • Using Firefox 52.2.1 ESR (for XP-era Windows), Simple Currency Converter worked well until Wednesday (August 2). Suddenly, but after no update of any kind, SCC began to substitute the phrase "undefined 000" in place of any stated amount in dollars.

    This utility is a pleasure to use, when it works. Unfortunately, I had a similar interruption of SCC during its first use in 2016, and simply removed the extension. After giving it another chance, it is down again, after perhaps only a week. Since it was working only two days ago, the author may have "broken" his code in certain respects, which affects (at least) Firefox and XP SP3, 32bit.
    Please go to the add-on options and set your display currency.
    Somehow it was reset...
  • Когда расширение работало, оно было чудесным, простое, но в тоже время достаточное для задачи быстро узнать цену в моей валюте.
    Но, к моему сожалению, оно перестало работать :(.
    Я был вынужден переключиться на другое – Direct Currency Converter. Хотя оно является форком Simple Currency Converter и имеет все те же возможности и, самое главное – оно работает!
  • Ez az egyik legjobb kiegészítő, nagyon hasznos, de sajnos már jó néhány hete nem működik :(
  • Vyborný doplněk okamžitě převede měnu.
  • Latest version isn't working. I've reverted to
  • not the version 2.3.3 works
  • Works Great as to date!
  • 2.3.3 still not work.
    I'm rollback to v. :(
  • Please update this add-one I am using it every day but it is not working now after Firefox 57 update. Please Update.
  • It was fine, if a bit limited in its interpretation.

    Then after (maybe) a Firefox update, it went to the big addon farm in the sky. All currencies were [CURR]NaN.

    Someone suggested a uninstall-reinstall. To my surprise, not only did it not reset my settings (what was the point of uninstalling?) but it now simply does nothing.

    I'm on 2.3.3 (FF 47.0.1)and it does nothing. On any site.
  • Helps a lot with sites that use various currencies. Only problem is that the extension sometimes ignores decimal amounts of prices; leading to slightly inaccurate conversion, so would love to see that regex feature work (with tutorials) that covers decimal amounts.
  • Thanks, I love this add-on....v2.32 works just fine....Some of you I see having trouble, I did at first, it didn't update correctly...Before you download v2.32 remove any other versions, restart FF, install v2.32, restart FF....It WORKS!!!
  • After 2.3.0 update currecies doesnt convert.
    Fixed in 2.3.2
  • Where is Serbia???
  • I test 5 currency converters

    I decided to use "Simple Currency Converter"
    Not slowing FF
    Live converting prices (after changes pcs too)
    Thx for this addon
  • It's a great life-saver, but it doesn't work in CNY, seems that only convert to USD.
  • This is really useful when shopping online.

    Could be better if we could tell it so skip ALL sites of a specific domain for instance all sites of *.ca or *.gov etc.
  • Just what I needed. Does what it says on the tin!
  • Two words: just work!
  • Merveilleux, cela fonctionne beaucoup mieux maintenant avec Exchange Rates UK. Testé sur Ebay.co.uk.
    Cependant le ALT+SHIFT+CTRL+L ne fonctionne toujours pas sous Linux, c'est pourquoi je ne mets que 4 étoiles.
  • Great in-line converter with customization options. Many thanks!
  • Thank you for this great tool
    if you can add option to customize each currency Markup % .. for Ex I want USD to be +2% but euro is +4%
    Thank you
  • Just works :)