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  • In memory of the wonderful service this cookie had provided I am giving it 5 stars. I have used it for the last 5 years and had been the only reason that kept me using Firefox browser. It would be hard to find a replacement for this extension.
  • I miss its smooth running and effective work!
    Here a replacement > https://addons.mozilla.org/it/firefox/addon/self-destructing-cookies-1
  • Je l'ai adoré à cause de son efficacité et simplicité d'utilisation. Hélas, cette extension n'existe plus dans Firefox !
    Je suis inconsolable !!!
  • this is why i been using firefox and now you have take it away! its impossible to look at some sits because now it pop up shit ALL the time and when i try the one u said would be instead it dosent help at all... Why do you do something so STUPID to take away something that really GOOD... so now i have to fid another that might have addons liker this... SOOOOOOO DISAPPOINTED ON FIREFOX RIGHT NOW
  • For everybody that is looking for a version that is working with the new Firefox "Forget Me Not" is working on the new Firefox.
  • Best addon you can get. Please update for Firefox Quantum!
  • Mir gefällt dieses Addon sehr, aber kommt wohl eine Aktualisierung für Firefox Quantum?
  • Dommage que ce module n'ait pas maintenu ! c'est le meilleur ! Fais nous le plaisir de le maintenir Ove !!!!
  • This was a must-have add-on for pre-quantum Firefox.
    In order to compete with mainstream browsers, it seems Mozilla is shutting out their open-source community.
    Hopefully Ove will continue making plugins for Quantum, and Firefox will include a self-destructing cookie feature of their own.

    If anyone has good suggestions for new open-source browsers, please don't hesitate to leave them in the comments above.
  • Superb addon. Functioned exceedingly well. Looks like the makers of firefox are arrogant enough not to let the SDC dev continue their good work! I'ma think about alternatives to this alternative browser now. No dearth of those.
  • This add-on was excellent for quickly managing cookie-related privacy issues with fairly detailed customization settings. PLEASE update for Firefox 57! There is no quality substitute for it!
  • Since it's not working with Firefox 57+ anymore, here is my take on a replacement:
  • Self-destructing cookies has reliably removed invasive cookies and cache content. But Mozilla devs direction seems to be 'let us handle it'. Thanks SDC.
  • Please come back. People need you!
  • It was work perfect with Firefox 56, now my Firefox update to Firefox Quantum and Self-Destructing Cookies don't work :( . Not compatible with Firefox Quantum. Update this addon please this is very good and unique.
  • it works!
  • This was a fantastic add-on. Sad to see it go.
  • From the moment I first tried this extension it was one of my favourites. Thank you so much for your efforts over the last 5 years, they were very much appreciated by many. Goodbye and good luck
  • It was a great addon. Now, I am so hooked I would even pay for the update for Firefox 55+. Anyway, thank you, Ove.
  • Very good addon, please update :-( i don't want use another addon to remove cookies :-(
  • I will miss this addon dearly. R.I.P
  • Thanks for this fantastic addon!
  • New Self Destructing Cookies

  • Muito simples de configurar e total segurança.
  • This was a fantastic extension while it lasted. No longer maintained so I have installed cookie autodelete and wish for the best.