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Ezek a verziók csak tanulmányozás és tesztelés céljából jelennek meg. Mindig a kiegészítő legújabb verzióját használja. verzió 48.4 KiB Működik Firefox for Android 29.0 - 50.*, Firefox 29.0 és frissebbek

Compatibility with Firefox 50. verzió 42.6 KiB Működik Firefox for Android 29.0 - 45.*, Firefox 29.0 és frissebbek

Nota bene: as of version 42.0, Firefox finally has a built-in password editor on both the desktop and Android, greatly reducing the need for add-ons like this one. However, I will continue to maintain it insofar as to keep it free of major bugs for those who may still want to use it. One reason to do so would be that Firefox's built-in password editor doesn't support manually adding passwords.

  • Made add-on compatible with multi-process Firefox.
  • Refreshed visuals slightly to make them less Holo and more Material.
  • Made the password copy warning remember the state of the checkbox, so if you really want it to appear every time you will only need to uncheck the box once.
  • Substantial refactoring and cleanup. verzió 38.3 KiB Működik Firefox for Android 21.0 - 33.*, Firefox 21.0 és frissebbek

  • When adding a new password for an open page, only the field names are now automatically filled (not values).
  • Fixed issue that would cause some special characters in said field names to not be parsed properly.
  • Adjusted styles slightly to prevent buttons from being clipped on very small screens.