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  • Einfach zu bedienen, Top!
  • only saves as .png files..... and like many other screenshot tools it does not have right-click activation.
  • keine lust schreiben
  • Can't select a whole page, or scroll-and-select. At least it actually takes screenshots, as opposed to several other add-ons I've tried tonight.
  • Simple to use and no intermediate steps
  • nice & easy
  • queria que salga la barra tmb pero ñe
  • simple, easy. also screenshots web svg files which many others don't
  • Very handy if you want to share a screenshot with someone by sending a link
  • I used Lightshot for a long time and had to update now due to my new Firefox.
    Unfortunately there is no copy to clipboard (yes, I have read the comment) and - most important - there is no possibility to make shots outside the pure tab, means including the browser window itself or even more areas of my desktop. Both functions which I use regularly.
    What a pity.
  • Легко работать с этим расширением, быстрый вызов и сохранение куда нужно. Спасибо!
  • Only used it once but this is a GOOD extension. I was able to share from Facebook to Twitter using this app.
    Easy to use.
  • loved it
  • This an excellent simple screenshot taker, with options to add notes, arrows, colours etc
    I am very pleased with it
  • lacks of Copy to Clipboard option ^_^"
  • leicht zu bedienen, schnell, felxibel
  • Muy rápido, y facil de manejar ,en resumen una excelente aplicación ,felicidades al desarrollador ...
  • Полностью устраивает
  • Благодарю! Очень хорошая и полезная утилита! Советую!!!
  • The previous version I used was simple to use. I'm not sure what changed but when I try to save to my PC it always opens the download folder. It used to default to the Lightshot folder. When I try to open it I have to choose a program to open it with because the file type is unknown. I use Gallery but I can't save it as a picture. I have to 'copy as' then I can save it. Too much trouble....
  • Sempre uso ela no Chrome. Agora, quando estou no Mozilla, não tem extensão melhor do que essa!
  • For Some reasons this wont work on latest version of firefox.. Unable to save the screenshot
  • Google Chromede de kullanıyorum çok temnunum. tavsiye ederim.
  • very useful
  • Usually easy to manipultae and cut out part of pages you want to keep.
    Good for Documentation as well.