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  • This an excellent simple screenshot taker, with options to add notes, arrows, colours etc
    I am very pleased with it

  • it would be nice if you offered a little bit more instruction on how to use the tool

  • lacks of Copy to Clipboard option ^_^"

  • leicht zu bedienen, schnell, felxibel

  • Muy rápido, y facil de manejar ,en resumen una excelente aplicación ,felicidades al desarrollador ...

  • Полностью устраивает

  • Благодарю! Очень хорошая и полезная утилита! Советую!!!

  • The previous version I used was simple to use. I'm not sure what changed but when I try to save to my PC it always opens the download folder. It used to default to the Lightshot folder. When I try to open it I have to choose a program to open it with because the file type is unknown. I use Gallery but I can't save it as a picture. I have to 'copy as' then I can save it. Too much trouble....

  • Tryi g to find an older version that works with Vista.

  • it doesnt scroll down

  • Sempre uso ela no Chrome. Agora, quando estou no Mozilla, não tem extensão melhor do que essa!

  • For Some reasons this wont work on latest version of firefox.. Unable to save the screenshot

  • Google Chromede de kullanıyorum çok temnunum. tavsiye ederim.

  • very useful

  • Usually easy to manipultae and cut out part of pages you want to keep.
    Good for Documentation as well.

  • Doesn't allow a screenshot of an entire web page; over glorified print screen.

  • L'ancienne version était meilleure mais pas de soucis, cette extension reste une référence. :-)

  • Works AMAZINGLY WELL! This is the third app which I had downloaded, and is the only one which actually worked!

  • Fast, efficient, does the job right. Provides a variety of useful functions beyond simple clip and paste/save a web graphic.

  • Folks, RELAX!!! It's not the developer's fault!!!

    Firefox 57 is brand new, and it's likely that the disappearance of the clipboard feature on this add-on is the result of the not-yet-complete WebExtensions API. Other add-ons, take DownThemAll for example, are delayed or missing features because the API doesn't offer all of the functions that the old XUL API had. Mozilla has said that they're working on this stuff!

    There's an important rule with free software: If it breaks, you get to keep both pieces!

    Patience! :-)

    Review: This is a brilliant plug-in. I only discovered it around 6 months ago, and not a day has passed without me using it since. It's everything a good plug-in should be: small, efficient, well designed and completely functional with no unnecessary junk. I'm very pleased that the developer has ported it to WebExtensions! Thank-you!

    OK, now, a reward for folks who read this far! There are Lightshot apps for both Windows and Macintosh. It looks identical to the Firefox plugin, it works on the whole desktop not just the browsers, AND IT HAS THE CLIPBOARD FUNCTION!

  • Где кнопка сохранить буфер?

  • В версии 52.5 перестало работать!

    Почему вы не сделаете две ссылки для старой версии и для новых и бет версий ???

    Многие дополнения не работают в новых версиях мазилы.
    Я жду когда большинство авторов сделают новые версии.
    Почему резать так под корень!
    Почему нельзя оставить и старую версию дополнения?

  • Really good. Makes unprintable pages printable in seconds.

  • Awesome Add-on! Its perfect!

  • Agree with recent comments. That is, the loss of some features, after the most recent update, is disappointing. But I will continue to use the add-on.

    NOTE THE REASON FOR THE CHANGES ... limitations caused by Firefox's recent update to "Firefox Quantum" v57.0. This update changed the way add-ons/extensions are handled by Firefox. Explanation here: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/firefox-add-technology-modernizing?as=u&utm_source=inproduct