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  • Très bien pour contrecarrer les ennuis visuels liés à des lois complètement inutiles, faites par des guignols sous la pression d'autres guignols ! (ils devraient plutôt mettre un autocollant sur les box pour te prévenir, comme sur les bouteilles d'alcool... haha! "Attention internet peut contenir des cookies"). Quels branques ces politiques.
    Merci en tous cas.
  • Awesome!
  • Nice work! That's for your efforts! I will recommend this to all my friends :-)
  • Excellent pour se débarrasser de ces ridicules avertissements imposés par des incompétents !
  • Je viens de réactiver I don't care about cookies, mais j'ai un doute : dans le cas où il nous est demandé d'accepter les cookies, est-ce que le plug-in les accepte tous ? Est-ce qu'il ne peut pas au contraire nous aider à tous les refuser?
    Par exemple, quand je vais sur Recode-Decode, sans I don't care about cookies, j'ai le choix entre "Accepter" ou "En savoir plus" sur les moyens de refuser (ce choix est déjà bien planqué). Est-ce que "I don't care about cookies" accepte tout à ma place? Ou bien agit-il comme Qookiefix qui rétablit le bouton "Refuser" (mais seulement sur les bannières Quantacast). J'aimerais bien que ça aille vers ça, un peu comme le faisais Self Destroying Cookie (mais Mozilla l'a condamné pour des problèmes de sécurité…)
    Dans les cas où le site ne fonctionne pas correctement sans accepter les cookies, le plug-in les accepte tous. Le site web dit :

    "By using it, you explicitly ALLOW websites to do whatever they want with cookies they set on your computer".
  • Cookie warnings are so annoying. Everyone should know by now that websites save cookies. I'm all in for better privacy and more rights for users. But these warnings drive me mad. Especially when you browse on a small screen (mobile phone), they will block half the screen. Here comes this addon to help! Thanks for the great work!
  • Would be perfect if there was a way of hiding it from my context menu. Can it be done?
    Tools > Add-ons. Find "I don't care about cookies", go to Preferences. Scroll down, uncheck "Enable context menu options" and save.
  • Danke
  • Great extension, the only thing that freaks me out very much is the "access all data" permission which according to Firefox also includes passwords and usernames. I guess I'll just have to trust the developer...
    Haha... I understand but I can't do anything about it. I need that permission to be able to hide page elements.
  • It used to be excellent and extremely easy to operate, but since last update it has become very bothersome reporting a cookie warning with filling several fields on a page and, incredibly, using latest Google captcha, which is the most stupid captcha ever seen, because it uses very small pictures with ridiculous microscopic details that we often can't see properly and go round and round verifying pictures. Crazy, really crazy. And, on top of all this, it asks for our e-mail!

    There has been a much improved change since my comment, 3 days ago.
    Before, when I tried to send a report it asked to complete the form fields. No more now.
    The crazy Google captcha was now replaced, another great improvement.
    It is very good when a developer listens to people, as in this case. I replaced the given 3 stars with the well deserved 5.
    This is not fair.

    First of all, you don't have to fill any additional field, just submit the form. Email is optional for those who want a response. Captcha is here because of the spam protection, I used to get too much spam.

    And you are right, that particular captcha really is the most annoying (and the most effective). I just changed it because of you ;)

    EDIT: thanks, man!
  • Supprime la plupart des bannières d'autorisation de cookies.