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  • That addon is cool however I wish it would be supported on android.
    Sure it is. You can install it into Firefox for Android.
  • It used to be good, but nowadays does not work properly anymore with Firefox. Every time you want to report a cookie warning, you get the message that the fault lies with Firefox.
    Whenever you see that message, that means that I've seen the already existing report and checked the website and I really can't see the warning unless I disable the extension.

    That is valid for Firefox on Linux, Chrome, Opera and most other browsers. But in Firefox for Windows... that's another story. I have reported it to them but they don't do much, I can't do anything else.

    Try switching to Chrome for a while - just for a while :) - and you'll see there are no cookie warnings on those same websites.
  • Great software thank you! I also donated to this project!
  • Lifesaver. Thanks.
  • Does what it says without much configuration and runs quietly in the background.
  • Since the 2-3 latest updates, this extension becomes unusable in more and more websites.
    i.e., I can't access to my bank account "La Banque Postale" because the login page appears as a white page. "I don't care about cookies" blocks the window.
    Since yesterday December 29, 2019, the YouTube sharing window can't open because "I don't care about cookies" blocks the opening window and it endlessly swirls. Unfortunately I can't send a screenshot here. Though I have to rate this below the average.
    Could you please contact me (author@i-dont-care-about-cookies.eu) with more details? I'll be glad to help if it's possible. Happy New Year :)