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  • The add-on works very well.
  • This is an absolutely amazing idea. It works really well. I don't have to worry as much about Google spying on me.
  • Very useful, thanks for it.
  • good job!
  • I already tried to make a container manually to isolate google, but it always finds a way to escape the container. This extension looks promising
    thanks Perflyst
  • Best thing ever!
  • Great add-on i recommend it to everyone.
  • Good
  • If you are interested in containers also look at Firefox Multi-Account Containers, and Switch Container Plus. Thank you to the developer of this add-on, its great that more people can isolate the big tech companies tracking and have some more control over what data is collected. Plus the added benefit of being able to sign into multiple accounts on one browser is helpful.
  • ok but what about other containers? as it doesn't want to work with other containers
    It works with other Container addons. For example it works with Multi Account Containers and Temporary Containers.

    There is only an issue with other domain specific container addons e.g. Facebook Container (and all the forks like this)
  • It works very good.
    Thank you for your review. What can we do better to get 5 stars?
  • works great except youtube since a day or two gets greyed out if you use google-container + µblock. I think it worked in the beginning, now only µblock without container or container without µblock works on youtube.

    otherwise great addon
  • Works extremely well.
  • Comme le module Facebook, il permet d'augmenter la protection de ses données privées
  • After clicking a google search result, it opens the result in a new tab and closes the search results tab, meaning you can only get back to the results by reopening the closed tab. Really sucks.
    I'm sorry, you can simply open the search result with a middle mouse click and you will not lose your search.
  • Just what I needed, thank you!
  • Excellent add-on but if use Google Translator for Firefox opens two tabs for one click.
    Are you using Temporary Containers? This is a bug with this addon in Automatic Mode.
  • Lo que esta buscando. Gran extensión para evitar ser rastreados por Google.