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  • I live abroad, so while my google account knows I only speak english, by using this add-on the language is always switched to the country I live in, making it a little more difficult to search. Otherwise I enjoy this product.
  • Blocks google adds but same as uBlock origin does not work on pinned tabs on browser start. To make it work, you need to reload the pinned tab.
  • It totally screws up my tabs layout.
  • malo
  • Technisch prima in orde
  • I really wish that this would give me the option to contain different google services; I'd like to use Gmail and Youtube logged in and search without a login, for instance. Otherwise functions as advertised.
  • Why didn't anyone invent this 15 years ago?! It's great!

    Also, consider "Google search link fix" addon.
  • Да, страницы в домене Google.com, Google.ru и youtube.com загружаются в контейнере Google. Но и новые страницы из результатов поиска открываются также в этом контейнере. Какой в этом смысл, когда почти все вкладки создаются из результатов поиска? Firefox 65.0a1 (2018-11-30) (64-bit).
  • Thank you very much for making this. Google services are still very usable and I'm not being tracked around the web!
  • Hero! This was desperately needed!!!
  • thanks a lot