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  • Would be great to be able to exclude GMail as one can exclude Maps.

    Please consider adding the option.

    (I prefer to have gmail in a container just for itself)
  • Thanks.
  • There is certain failure on some corporate gmail based accounts. I manga lot of Gmail accounts and a Few corporate ones. One of the corporates behaves fine , the other don't sinca gets hung up on gmail.com/a/mycorporate/acs and does not advance. i have to disable the container, log there, and reenable it.
  • Seems to do what it claims to do. FYI: I believe the reason we lose history whenever we enter or leave a Google site is that the container doesn't want to associate that history with Google (where you came from, in particular).

    One suggestion: would it be possible to have links outside of Google open up in a new tab? That would solve this history issue, letting us go back to our search results if we don't get what we want on the first click.
    This is fixed in new version 1.5.0 which is available soon.
  • Thanks a lot for making this. Works great! I'm only sorry I did not find this extension sooner
  • Breaks history for google searches. If I use the search bar to do a search, when I click on a link (which isn't to mozilla.org, perplexingly enough), I don't have any history entries and cannot use the back button.
    This is fixed in new version 1.5.0 which is available soon.
  • As some already mentioned, it would be useful to be able to select which Google services can be contained; I'm especially interested in using Youtube / Youtube Music / Gmail as logged-in, but not other Google services (e.g. search).

    I think evading Google is a lot harder than escaping Facebook.