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  • Seems to do what it claims to do. FYI: I believe the reason we lose history whenever we enter or leave a Google site is that the container doesn't want to associate that history with Google (where you came from, in particular).

    One suggestion: would it be possible to have links outside of Google open up in a new tab? That would solve this history issue, letting us go back to our search results if we don't get what we want on the first click.
  • Thanks a lot for making this. Works great! I'm only sorry I did not find this extension sooner
  • Breaks history for google searches. If I use the search bar to do a search, when I click on a link (which isn't to mozilla.org, perplexingly enough), I don't have any history entries and cannot use the back button.
  • As some already mentioned, it would be useful to be able to select which Google services can be contained; I'm especially interested in using Youtube / Youtube Music / Gmail as logged-in, but not other Google services (e.g. search).

    I think evading Google is a lot harder than escaping Facebook.
  • I live abroad, so while my google account knows I only speak english, by using this add-on the language is always switched to the country I live in, making it a little more difficult to search. Otherwise I enjoy this product.
  • Blocks google adds but same as uBlock origin does not work on pinned tabs on browser start. To make it work, you need to reload the pinned tab.
  • It totally screws up my tabs layout.
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