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  • Breaks google sheets, brings up the yellow banner "A web page is slowing down your browser. What would you like to do? Stop it/wait" and begins to crash Firefox. Unfortunately I can't disable it for Sheets only, so I can't use it at all.
  • I had to deactivate this. Breaks Google search. Google is configured to always open a new tab when clicking on Links. When opening a link you can't go back to search page. Very sad. Hope this can be fixed
  • it completely screws up container system and breaks "return" ability so you can't return to google search after visiting a website.
  • Please make it open another tab instead of opening at current tab.
  • muito bom
  • Would be great to be able to exclude GMail as one can exclude Maps.

    Please consider adding the option.

    (I prefer to have gmail in a container just for itself)
  • Thanks.
  • There is certain failure on some corporate gmail based accounts. I manga lot of Gmail accounts and a Few corporate ones. One of the corporates behaves fine , the other don't sinca gets hung up on gmail.com/a/mycorporate/acs and does not advance. i have to disable the container, log there, and reenable it.