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Can you override browser.fullscreen.autohide option ?
It goes back to default value after browser restart.
Show tabs option doesn't work for me with 3.5.7 and 3.6.

Ez az értékelés a kiegészítő előző verziójához készült (3.4rc1). 

autohide and full fullscreen

Hi; you ask whether Full Fullscreen can override this option ... in fact I already am, that's why it resets every time! There is a setting in my add-on (in 3.4rc1 and earlier called "Prevent navbar auto popup", now renamed in 3.4 to "Enable Full Fullscreen") which is effectively the inverse of Firefox's autohide setting. For fullscreen to hide all the toolbars, autohide has to be turned off (which is why I am just renaming it to "Enable Full Fullscreen" as this option *is* essential the core feature of the add-on.) If you want all the toolbars in fullscreen, not autohiding either, you probably need to remove this add-on :-).