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  • 非常好用的插件,就是有一个瑕疵,使用vpn的时候 ,老是弹出一个提示框,你的代理设置不允许本地dns请求,希望能修复下
    If you're not directly connecting to a site, because you're using a proxy/VPN, then your computer doesn't necessarily have the IP address of the server you're indirectly connecting to. Effectively, anonymizing your location via a proxy/VPN goes both ways, and Flagfox simply can't have the information needed to look up the site for you. There's currently no way around this, though it might be possible in the future.
  • lol I read some of the one star reviews of people who don't understand this addon at all. Poor Dave.

    Comes in very handy for me and saves me time. I like it.
  • Permet de présumer de la localisation du serveur.
  • been using this a long time and i find it very useful - i like when developers give users more control, in this case by allowing user created actions
  • 感谢你的回答。
    The label for the location in the tooltip for Flagfox does not use the word "country" in either English or Chinese. The political distinction between an independent region and a country is not generally made in Maxmind's location data or Flagfox. For example, Taiwan is separately listed from China, but also Puerto Rico is separately listed from the United States.