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  • Fixes the ugly ui!
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  • Does as advertised
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  • Simple solution to an irritating problem, excellent add-on!
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  • Almost a must-have for any Android Firefox user who uses Google search. But I've one concern: where's the privacy policy? I'd like to know about how the permissions requested would be used and what'd happen to any collected data, if any.
    Hello Vyn!
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    Firefox requires me to ask for the permission for every single top level google domain (.com .at .ch and so on) because my extension alters the user agent on evry google page. There's no data collected. You can review the code of this extension over at github!
    Hope that helps!
    Thanks, Kurt
  • Getting the full-featured Google search is fantastic and for that alone I love this add on. There is only one problem I'm witnessing and that is that AMP pages are unscrollable for me, however if I click the page link and go there directly the page now works. Its a little annoyance but once this gets fixed I would give this 5 stars no doubt!
    Hello caameron!

    Thanks for your review and your feature request! To be honest, the AMP thing is bugging myself a lot. However, the only way of solving the problem I can think of right now is checking every link on google whether it is a AMP link or not. And if it is, the extension would exchange the AMP link with a direct link. Given that the exension only loads once but the search results load whenever you reach the bottom of the page, this might be a tedious thing to implement or even impossible.

    If you however know another way, I would really like to receive a pull request over at GitHub. Here's the repo: https://github.com/nitricware/Firefox-iOS-UA-on-Android

    Thanks, Kurt
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  • I just love this add-on. Made my life simple while using Google services on Firefox. Now I always recommend Firefox on Android to my friends who were previously facing problems due to unsupported Google webpage. All of this is possible due to the developer and my heartfelt thanks to you.
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  • Like this addon since google webpage doesn't support gecko engine the same way it supports webkit/blink. After installing this addon, the whole google experience is better now on firefox mobile without the need to switch to Chrome or other Chromium based browser. What I like the most about this addon is that it works on open source gecko engine most of the time and only switches to webkit while using google. Thus supporting both open internet, gecko and users alike. Thanks to the developer, now I can easily recommend Firefox on android to other users.
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  • Yay, it works! Simple, does one job and does it well! Now I can go back to using Firefox and get rich Google results!
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  • Job well done and very usefull.
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  • Seems to work great! I do like things in the "proper" Google layout, so this is one less reason to not use Firefox on my Android device. Mind, Google shouldn't be doing this shoddy practice to require this add-on in the first place, but that's a conversation for another time and place...
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  • Thanks, my Google is right now ^---^
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  • C x
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  • The app fixes the ugly search results from Google.
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