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  • Não é ruim, mas também não é bom
    Tem que ser corrigido alguns Backgrounds
  • Many CSS rules are still missing (resulting in white areas or black text on black background) but the plugin allows to add or modify them manually.
  • The comment section is still white, and the "likes display" looks terrible...
  • I wished I knew some CSS but I don't. I just now started using this at tight off I can offer suggestions if I may. The USER names show up as 'Light Blue' and they would be better off as 'Dark Blue' so that they were more visible. Also, When I was 'Tagging' someone in a comment, when I choose their name from the pop-up choices & select the name I want, the entire name area is 'Blacked Out' in a black box - no text can be seen until you continue to type further. If you like editing out lets say someone's last name, you can't see if you are deleting it properly until you continue to type. Can you use this comment to help for the next upgrade? Thanks

    2nd thought about the Dark Blue user name comment - because the comment sections are is still white, a dark blue would be better there but because the links on the Dark Sections are the same light blue [which IS good on Dark] then the dark blue [links, user names] wouldn't work well on the dark sections so it's a trade off. If you go to dark comment sections, no telling what it will look like with text or cursors. wow
  • the comment section, reaction/like counter and chat windows need to be fixed
  • Looks pretty good on messenger, but on facebook the comment fields are white, as well as the chats. Seems like it needs an update.
  • I've been searching for such add-on for long. Thanks for the upload!!!
  • For some reason the comments section and the likes section are still white, which seems worse when the entire theme is black and then you have these random white sections standing out. Makes it unusable for me.
  • I've been trying to find a way to do this for ages! Thanks.
  • Dark gradients don't look very good imo. Still, does what it says it does.