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  • still learning about it

  • Please update for Quantum

  • Please update for firefox quantum. thanks.

  • Nice!

  • I love couchpotato! The firefox plugin suddenly stopped working for a while - went to see if there had been an update, but there hadn't. Reinstalled it, and now it works again :)

  • Great plugin, but wish it worked on Trakt! Please update ;)

  • Love the addon but it does disable any external link. Clicking on the link opens a blank page. Expecially annoying for programs with popup sign-ins. Please fix it asap so i can re-enable the addon.

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    What do you mean by "external link"?

  • Works great except one thing:

    If you've set firefox to open an 'homepage' when launched, all you get is a blank page after this add-on is installed. Same applies to any .url files you may have on your desktop, except when firefox is already open. Tried on multiple setups, same behaviour.

  • Really good.
    Only drawback: the dropdown menu to choose the display (and thus renamer) language doesn't seem to work. I always have the french name appearing first (in CP webui, the french name also appears first, but I can choose other display languages)

    EDIT: This is indeed due to the use of sarakha's repo. Can't seem to find what in his repo is causing that though. I'll try and ask him.

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    Are you perhaps using the French repository that some of the NAS systems used as default for a while?

    I think you're on https://github.com/sarakha63/CouchPotatoServer/ and you should be on https://github.com/RuudBurger/CouchPotatoServer/

    Edit: You don't want to use the repo unless you're French and like movies dubbed.

  • Have CouchPotato installed on my Synology NAS, I installed the extension, went to the CouchPotato WebUI and hit the button. Inside the popup I clicked the button. Nothing happened. The extension did not connect to my CouchPotato install. I've got no idea what else to do to hook it up...

    edit: I gave up too soon! As a last ditch attempt to get it working, I restarted firefox and tried again. It worked! The 'no restart' tag on this addon is probably misplaced. If you have trouble getting it to hook up, try restarting Firefox!

  • This add on works just like it should. As long as your setup is correct... This is reporting as a bad add on, but it is a good one!

  • Update below

    I've been having problems since version 0.9.4 after upgrading from 0.9.0, where the icon disappeared from the toolbar. (See previous comments). Today on version 0.9.9, I've noticed that the icon has not only reappeared, it actually works perfectly. This is strange because I updated sometime back, and I installed Waterfox about 2 weeks ago to see if it would make any difference and it didn't. I've had version 0.9.4+ working fine on new Firefox installs, just not on the upgraded ones. I avoided recreating a new Firefox profile, because I didn't want to loose my settings. I was actually looking to do a detailed profile check to see exactly what settings were different from my current ones that didn't work against a profile that works fine. I have one more PC where this problem occurs, I'll check it tomorrow to see if the problem is still there and report back.

    Thanks RuudBurger for all your hard work.

    UPDATE: All is well on both my old Firefox/Waterfox setups, without having to create a clean profile. I wish I knew why to help those that are still having problems.

  • please update, thanks.

    May 6 - edit after RuudBurger's reply (see below):
    Alas no joy.

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    Could you try and use it with a new clean profile?
    Wondering if it works then as it seems the update to 25/26 broke something. Maybe a UI change.

    But for me it works like it should (and I'm on nightly)

  • Love this add-on however can confirm previous two reviews. Since the update the button is nowhere to be found. Firefox 25.0.1 and Firefox 26.

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    Could you try and use it with a new clean profile?
    Wondering if it works then as it seems the update to 25/26 broke something. Maybe a UI change.

    But for me it works like it should (and I'm on nightly)

  • Can't find the button anymore.Running Firefox 25.0.1.I've disabled all addons but CP, visited my local CP install and still nothing. Not sure what caused it to go missing, I have to use Chrome if I want to add stuff from the browser.

  • This is a great extension, but with the recent update, the button is no longer visible. It's not available in the customize menu bar, and I can't find any reference to it in the menus.

    I'm running Firefox 25.0.1. I've disabled all add-ons, excluding this one, restarted firefox and I still can't find it anywhere in the menus.

  • installed, restarted firefox, went to CP and nothing. not sure where the 'extension button' is supposed to exist but it isn't obvious to me.

    edit: look at the toolbar in the upper-right of your FF window. there is a greyed-out CP button. hit that while at your CP homepage.

  • Works like a charm thanks.

  • Work great

  • It doesn't do anything.

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    Did you go to your CP after you installed it?
    Hit the button to connect it.
    After that go to IMDB and add a movie from there.