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2.3 verzió 50.3 KB Működik Firefox 21.0 and later

Fixed compatibility with Firefox 26.

2.1 verzió 49.7 KB Működik Firefox 21.0 and later

Added labels to categorize the preference page.
Changed close icon of the confirmation dialog.
Removed the icon in the add-on bar in prevision of the new Firefox interface.
Moved the confirmation panel to the star button.
Fixed error when trying to add a sort bookmarks item in a hidden menu.
Fixed memory leaks.
Fixed menu item not added when adding the bookmarks toolbar button.
Removed the SDK from the package.
Changed the compatible versions in install.rdf.

2.0.2 verzió 226.6 KB Működik Firefox 19.0 and later

Complete rewrite with the Add-on SDK.
Now restartless.
Compatibility fixes.
Added options to disallow the sort in the menu and the unsorted folders.
Added a confirmation after install before enabling the auto sorting.
Added delay and folder delay options (fixes the bug stopping the user to add a bookmark in a new folder).
Added two sort criteria options (with the possibility to reverse the sorting).
Added the menu item to sort all bookmarks in all bookmarks menus and the organise menu of the bookmarks manager (with options to hide them).

1.6 verzió 33.6 KB Működik Firefox 4.0 and later

Readd menu item and toolbar icon that dissapeared in version 1.3.

1.3 verzió 33.6 KB Működik Firefox 4.0 and later

Add the option to set the sort order.
Fix bug that didn't sort bookmarks when removing a separator.
Fix bug that slows down the browser when sorting too much bookmarks.
Fix bug that adds bookmark observer more than once.

1.2 verzió 9.0 KB Működik Firefox 4.0 and later

1.1 verzió 9.1 KB Működik Firefox 4.0 and later

1.0 verzió 7.2 KB Működik Firefox 4.0 and later