Learn the basics of developing an extension on the Mozilla platform with this section full of beginner's guides.

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Szerkesztők XUL ismertető

This tutorial will guide you through all the basics of add-on development, teaching you how to package them, create a suitable development environment, and program the most common features found in add-ons. It includes working code samples and the references and tools to explore all topics more in depth.

Setting Up an Extension Development Environment

This article gives suggestions on how to set up your Mozilla application for extension development, including setting up a profile, changing preferences, and helpful development tools.

Building an Extension

This tutorial will take you through the steps required to build a very basic extension - one which adds a status bar panel to the Firefox browser containing the text "Hello, World!"

Extension Packaging

Learn more details on how extensions are packaged and installed.

Install Manifests

This document explains install manifests "install.rdf" and all of properties available for use in your add-on.

Other Tutorials

Szerkesztők Firefox Add-ons Developer Guide

In this detailed guide to extension development, you'll learn the basics of packaging extensions, building an interface with XUL, implementing advanced processes with XPCOM, and how to put it all together.

How to Develop a Firefox Extension

In this walk-through, Robert Nyman explains how to develop a Firefox extension from scratch.

How to Build a Firefox Extension

Lifehacker gives tips and helpful hints on developing your first Firefox extension.

Firefox Extension Development Tutorial

A multi-page tutorial covering a variety of extension development topics.

Creating a Status Bar Extension

Learn how to create a simple status bar extension and add more advanced functionality in subsequent tutorials, linked below.

Creating a Dynamic Status Bar Extension

This article modifies the status bar extension created in the above tutorial by fetching content from a website at a regular interval.

Adding Preferences to an Extension

This article shows how to add preferences to the dynamic status bar created in the above tutorial.


Készítsen saját Firefox kiegészítő elektronikus könyvet

With a little JavaScript know-how, author James Edwards will show you just how straightforward it is to build your own Firefox extensions.