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שם Vasa Maximov
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משתמש מאז מרץ 5, 2007
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ConQuery נדרשת הפעלה מחדש

Context searching for everyone and URL manipulation tool for advanced users...

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Thunderbird Conversations

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I use it in a production environment, with tons of everydays mail: it is a real life savior! Despite of two annoyances it is perfect!
1. About once a week plugin starts to include a random emails to the threads - it requires just to restart TB.
2. Conversations, starting from 50 mails long - are opens very slow.

But I'm sure i will get better! :)

סקירה זו מתייחסת לגרסה קודמת של התוספת (2.5.2). 

Clipboard Image To File

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Pretty good for the first version. However, configurable saving path and image format is a must have. I'd really appreciate the possibility of saving images as *.png to my "/home/mcv/temp/" :)