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I wanted a way to send recurring messages (the same message) on a specific schedule - not date! - (the 3rd Monday) to a group of people who apparently can't figure out how to push the button on their own phone and say, "Hey Siri...."

So, relegated to the secretary position, I found this add-on. The online instructions are well laid out, making it easy to figure out how to do what I needed.

I wrote 3 emails (The meeting is in a week, the meeting is in 3 days, the meeting is tomorrow) and added each to the send later recurring schedule. WORKS LIKE A CHARM!!

Worth a donation.

Just works, donated with pleasure דירוג 4 מתוך 5 כוכבים

The design of this addon isn't pixel perfect. But it just works, and has all functions I could possibly think of. Job well done!

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Excellent דירוג 5 מתוך 5 כוכבים

Does it's job wonderfully. Has all the options I need and more. Integrates well with other useful extensions. Full marks.

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Flexible Add-on I couldn't live without דירוג 5 מתוך 5 כוכבים

Straight forward and reliable add-on that should be included by default.

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Outbox just needs Send Later. דירוג 5 מתוך 5 כוכבים

Sometimes, there is time when I should send completed letters later.

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Send later, but with all the features דירוג 5 מתוך 5 כוכבים

I have been using Send Later for many years, across many computers, operating systems, and Thunderbird versions, and I am always happy with its reliability and level of features. The natural language processing always does a good job of doing what I want, and the mails always send (more-or-less) on time. Thank you!

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Ottimo e funzionante דירוג 5 מתוך 5 כוכבים

Usato più volte funziona bene, basta inserire i giusti dati.

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great add-on דירוג 5 מתוך 5 כוכבים

does what it says.

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Awesome for reducing distracting emails דירוג 5 מתוך 5 כוכבים

Email conversations can be distracting and a waste of time if people reply too quickly.

So I use SendLater to queue up and delay my outgoing emails so that others won't respond to them too soon. Especially with people who send too much email, I email them with a 2 hour delay so that I won't have to deal with their reply for at least 2 hours. It's awesome!

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Very Nice ... A few small features would be amazing דירוג 5 מתוך 5 כוכבים

Great addon, Great work! I use it everyday.

I would to set some custom rules like:
-Next 8am (I write at night and most of the time, I want my mail to leave tomorrow morning )
-Next Business day 8am (I write on weekends and some emails should leave when business open)


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Everything you're asking for is supported

Please read the user guide:

You can write functions to implement whatever scheduling logic you want. Some example functions which do things similar to what you asked for are provided. See this section of the user guide in particular:

Very very useful ! - But please update it to remove unnecessary permissions דירוג 5 מתוך 5 כוכבים

I use it almost daily (nightly I should say ... ) to schedule emails I write on night to be sent during the day ...
Or for some other reasons to be sent after a particular date or time (like at the beginning of an event ... )

I have just one thing which is annoying me : Please update it with recent technology to avoid using unnecessary permissions ...
I'm ready to make a donation, but only after that update :)
Thanks a lot !

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That's a Firefox thing, not a Thunderbird thing

The warning you see about permissions on is only relevant for Firefox add-ons. The add-on API that doesn't require those permissions doesn't even exist in Thunderbird. It's unfortunate that the warning is displayed for Thunderbird add-ons on AMO, but unfortunately there's nothing I can do about that.

Very useful for scheduling emails דירוג 5 מתוך 5 כוכבים

This adds convenient outbox scheduling features, bringing Thunderbird up to par with other popular e-mail clients. I use it to delay emails to clients and partners in other time zones, I don't really want to bother them at night.

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send later stuck all last schedule mails in schedule the time for sending emails. דירוג 4 מתוך 5 כוכבים

If one mail failed (due to wrong email/else) during schedule process that stuck another last all mails in outbox....if anyone facing this issue please reply for solution.

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Thunderbird bug, out of my control

I agree that this is annoying.

Unfortunately, it's a Thunderbird bug, not a bug in Send Later. I reported it to the maintainers of Thunderbird almost six years ago: . Unfortunately, they still haven't fixed it.

Ottimo aiuto a Thunderbird דירוג 5 מתוך 5 כוכבים

Componente molto semplice ma estremamente comodo per schedulare l'invio di mail.

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Great add-on! דירוג 5 מתוך 5 כוכבים

This is a really a great add-on, I'm using it for a couple of years already. I just have 2 minor issues with it: the date picker (calendar) shows Sunday as the 1st day of the week and it would be great if the add-on could pick the first weekday from the system or/and made it available in the configuration;

Another issue is that the time values (hr:min) are taken for scheduling only if one moves the focus outside the time input area, i.e. if the auto-filled time is '03:48' and one enters '09:00' and then presses with the mouse the send-later button, only the hour would be taken, the minutes would still be '48' as the focus hasn't moved outside before the button was pressed. If one moves focus from the time input area to something else before pressing the send-later button, the delivery will be scheduled with the time specified.

(Thunderbird@Ubuntu 16.04)

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Thanks for your feedback!

While I appreciate your five-star review, I am obliged to point out that your comments above are bug reports / support requests and therefore are not supposed to be included in reviews. ;-) You can send such feedback to .

Having said that...

Regarding the first-day-of-week issue, there's no way (as far as I know) in my code for me to query what the user's system settings say the first day of the week should be, so I fix this problem _entirely_ correctly. What I can do instead is add a hidden preference to Send Later for people who want to be able to configure this. I've just done that as you requested: . This change will be in the next release of Send Later which I will release in a week or so.

Regarding the editing-the-time issue, I've fixed it in the current beta release of the add-on. The fix will go out to everybody in a week or so.

Works great דירוג 5 מתוך 5 כוכבים

no complaints and works every time.

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"Send Later," and essential e-mail tool דירוג 5 מתוך 5 כוכבים

I've been a daily user of the "Send Later" Add-On for Thunderbird for two or more years. At first I thought the primary advantage would be the ability to recall embarrassing messages pushed out with over aggressive use of the send button. Subsequently, I have found it is useful in other ways as well.

Often, soon after crafting an e-mail response to an inquiry, I find the sender has sent an update to that inquiry. By using "Send Later" as standard operating procedure, I'm able to cancel what has become an out-of-date response.

Finally, the "Send At" feature allows me to schedule the delivery of my e-mail message without the need to remind myself to send it out at a later date. The tool is useful when you want to deliver a message to a vacationing colleague, but you want to deliver it after he has gone through the stack of messages that piled up while he/she was away.

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Works very well דירוג 5 מתוך 5 כוכבים

The Plugin work very well. Writing E-Mails now and send them later. The Plugin does what it promisses and a little bit more ;)

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SendLater - great extension דירוג 5 מתוך 5 כוכבים

I find it really useful for both postponing items to later, reminders and recurrent emails.
Would be great to also see a "snooze 1 day" button, which basically forwards an email to self one day later and deletes the current item or something like that.
(well, nicer if it actually hides the original email for a period of time, but that sounds like a different extension)
Thanks for this useful extension!

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I think you want mailmindr

Take a look at .

Does what is says on the tin. דירוג 5 מתוך 5 כוכבים

Handy little add-on for scheduling sending messages, which is an oddly missed feature in T/Bird proper. Additionally, the natural language write-what-you-mean time/date recognition is clever (eg, "in 45 minutes" or "4pm tomorrow"), and the dev is active and responsive.

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