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Video DownloadHelper ‏תומך ב־Firefox 57 ומעלה

The easy way to download and convert Web videos from hundreds of YouTube-like sites.

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CouponsHelper ‏תומך ב־Firefox 57 ומעלה

CouponsHelper automatically finds coupon codes from thousands of retailers while you shop online. CouponsHelper is hidden until it finds coupons, so no pointless pop ups !

מדורג 4 מתוך 5 כוכבים (38)
10,674 משתמשים

PokHelper נדרשת הפעלה מחדש

The extension sits on your desktop, side by side real online poker rooms. It captures the cards shown on the poker table, evaluates your hands, calculates your odds and gives you advice on how to play your starting hand.

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Jocly gives access to over 100 board games, for playing alone against the computer or remotely against someone else. It provides a 3D interface for most games and video chat with the opponent in the 3D scene.

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Subtile נדרשת הפעלה מחדש

Subtile is a highly customizable extension to allow people without mozilla development knowledge to create their own (sub)extension, limited to a menu attached to a toolbar button.

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הסקירות שלי


מדורג 5 מתוך 5 כוכבים

Excellent ! I was about to develop such an extension as i had many times the need for it. This one does the job nicely, saving me time.

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NoScript Security Suite

Doesn't anyone see the good in this ? מדורג 5 מתוך 5 כוכבים

To value a bit my comment, i'm the developer of Video DownloadHelper , sharing with Wladimir and Giorgio the top most ranks in extension popularity for almost two years.

Finally, what happened was good !

Let's face it, when you develop an extension, your users give you the keys of their house (come on, it's just an image). While AMO provides some guidance, there is a natural temptation to go border line. The current event helped a lot, in a general way, to make this line more visible to all add-on developers.

Ok, Giorgio crossed the border. He got caught. People yelled at him. Many. He fixed the mistake. He apologized. People still yelling.

Has he been punished enough ? From a quick look at the previous 300 comments, i think so.

Can we now still trust Giorgio ? I think he is now the most trustworthy extension developer, as at least, he knows if he does that kind of mistake again, he will be over forever, given his more-than-clear apologies: http://hackademix.net/2009/05/04/dear-adblock-plus-and-noscript-users-dear-mozilla-community/

Please keep in mind this guy has provided you for a long time with a valuable tool that did not cost you anything.

I think this flame should end now.

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Very handy מדורג 5 מתוך 5 כוכבים

That's a very convenient tool. It easily deserves a 5/5.

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So Useful ! מדורג 4 מתוך 5 כוכבים

How could i live until now without this extension ?

Usefulness is nice :)

Leak Monitor

I hate this extension ... מדורג 5 מתוך 5 כוכבים

... that forces you to fix those memory leak things when developing on mozilla ;)

good job though !

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