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שם Jack
משתמש מאז April 17, 2011
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Persona Switcher

Does what it says, default keybinds overlap Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Addon does what it says, and works in 4.0. Description in add-on view is incorrect for the default keybinds (Says Ctrl+Shift+S for rotating through themes, but in options the default is Ctrl+Shift+R). All default keybinds overlap (Ctrl+Shift+R = refresh, Ctrl+Shift+A = add-ons, Ctrl+Shift+D = new bookmark) so changing the defaults is a must. I find Ctrl+Alt with the same letters works and does not overlap.

סקירה זו מתייחסת לגרסה קודמת של התוספת (1.0).