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שם Andrew
מיקום United Kingdom
Occupation Principal Engineer, Test
משתמש מאז July 24, 2012
מספר התוספות שנוצרו 2 תוספות
דירוג ממוצע של התוספות של המפתח Rated 4 out of 5 stars

פרטים נוספים

UK based engineer, primarily interested in learning more about

- Test automation
- Test analysis
- Supporting cross-discipline test activity
- Test environment virtualisation and provision automation
- Buta no kakuni

תוספות שיצרתי

WebDriver Element Locator

This addon is designed to support and speed up the creation of WebDriver scripts by easing the location of web elements.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (25)
5,826 משתמשים

Webdriver Element Locator (deprecating:see below) נדרשת הפעלה מחדש

Please note: This extension is to be superseded by a context menu driven version. See below.

This addon aids the creation of WebDriver automation scripts by automating the location and verification of page elements.

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