Description, anyone? Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I am using Scrapbook for ages and I'm very, very happy about it - except for one thing: With version 1.4, Gomita abandoned the "list view" feature. Since I use descriptions extensively and they're apparently not shown without "list view", I'm lost. Already went back to v.1.37 and also tried Scapbook Plus which lacks this functionality, too. Anyone any idea how to make the descriptions show in the current version?

Other than that: Amazing add-on!

@ seychellian: Just right-klick the entry in the sidebar and you'll be given the option to "open source url" (not sure about the exact wording; I'm using the German version).

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List View is gone? Rated 4 out of 5 stars

First, I want to thank you, Gomita,for this amazing addon. It's one of my favorite five for sure.
But now, with the latest update the "List View" feature apparently is gone! The icon is missing and there's no option in the right-click-on-folder dropdown.
What has happened? If it'd be gone for good I'd really, really miss this feature! It was very important to me!
I am using FF 3.6.15 on Windows machines.
Would you mind re-implementing this feature, please?
Thanks a lot!

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A-ma-zing! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Whoever genius made this add-on, thanks a lot! I'd use both Evernote and Zotero before, but now moved all my data to Scrapbook, since it's kinda "best of both worlds": It does capture any kind of page or site *or* partial content as Evernote does (by keeping the actual page design, which is an advantage over Evernote), and it allows different kinds of (inline!) notes and highlighting *and* is just an add-on, not an extra stand-alone app (as is Zotero, but Scrapbook is *way* more to the point and much easier to manage).

This being said, I'd like to suggest two features that would be very nice:
1. How about not only being able to set links to "external", but to "internal" pages as well? I'd do this now by getting the desired internal index.html and copying its file address, but it might be more comfortable with a list of available pages.
2. How about tagging? Maybe even with the opportunity to make tags visible in the sidebar as it works with title, comment and URL now.

Those would be two beautiful features. But, as mentioned above, Scrapbook alrady is a real power app. Thanks again!

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