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I can't find the link/comment, so to the dev's listening here, here goes...

I was told that you only support official releases of FF, yet on the release notes for the current version of webclipper you have "- Firefox 10 beta support". So what is it? Do you support betas or not? There is no valid reason to make Webclipper incompatible with FF 11 beta, esp. if you made the current version of your release compatible with a previous beta version of the software.

You should make the addon compatible by default and allow beta users of FF to mark it as incompatible using the provided resources, we can then report our findings to you if we see issues...either do that or make a beta version that is available for everyone to download an evaluate.

Sorry, I know the FF rapid release is a PITA, but that's no reason to downgrade your software's value and ability.

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New beta version

Hi Kahlil,
We now have a beta of Web CLipper that will be forward compatible with FF rapid releases. Get it here:


keeps breaking on FF Updates! Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I used to love this extension, but each time a Firefox beta update occurs this add-on becomes unusable. I don't know about the issues it has with Firefox, but it can't be asking too much for us to have it stop breaking each time there is a Firefox update...make an "unofficial" (ie, non-mozilla "store") version available that allows it to be used on current betas of Firefox, do something that allows us current beta testers to use Evernote clipper. The Clearly extension works on FF 10 beta, why can't the Clipper work as well?

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