Get the BETA to restore functionality. מדורג 3 מתוך 5 כוכבים

It just locks up firefox completely. Now I'll have to switch to a competitive service and give up Evernote altogether.

I'm using Windows 7 x64. I'm using Firefox 12.0. It locks up when i try to access the Options section of the addon. I can't determine which settings I have because I can't view them as it locks up.

Go here to get the BETA version which seems to be working correctly.

סקירה זו מתייחסת לגרסה קודמת של התוספת (  למשתמש זה יש סקירה קודמת לתוספת זו.

Follow up

Hi Ristogod,
Sorry that you experience problems with the Firefox Web Clipper. If you have a few minutes could you tell me a few details about the problem:
- What OS are you using?
- What Firefox version?
- When does it lock up for you and what URL are you trying to clip?
- What settings do you have for sending the clips to? Web or local desktop client?

Appreciate your feedback.