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Todd Long

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Like many others I found myself slowly accumulating multiple mail accounts with no easy way to manage them. Fortunately, there was nothing out there which gave me the opportunity to start developing, for the first time, an extension specifically to resolve this. I really think the extension has evolved into an easy-to-use central mail management tool that simply makes life easier =)

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Lots of changes are coming in the next release including the option to have multiple accounts in the statusbar/toolbar featuring easy drag-and-drop functionality for placement, better account management with an improved options user interface, faster logins and account loading, improved notifications, improved mailto: link handling, overall better integration with the browser, and much more...

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Ainm Todd Long
Suíomh Maryland
Post Software Engineer
Leathanach Baile http://www.longfocus.com/firefox/
Úsáideoir ó March 5, 2007
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