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Online Coupons and Deals of top stores in USA Gan Atosú

The extension gives the latest deals and online coupons and deals for all the stores in U.S.A. It makes your finding coupons while shopping very easy. This extension has been provided by

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Only Minor Update

Applies only minor updates of the application.

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Open Search Notification

Beim Firefox 4 wurde die Anzeige für ein angebotenes Open-Search-Plugin entfernt (siehe Bug 430627).
Dieses Addon bringt Firefox 4 eine Open-Search-Benachrichtigung, genau wie sie Firefox 3.6 hat.

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Displays license and attribution information for Creative Commons licensed content.

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OpenWishes Birthday Reminder

Mit dem Firefox Add-on "OpenWishes Birthday Reminer" keinen Geburtstag mehr vergessen und die nächsten anstehenden Geburtstage direkt in der Statusbar sehen und sich daran erinnern lassen.
Dieses Plugin benötigt einen Account bei OpenWishes (http://o...

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Operator leverages microformats and other semantic data that are already available on many web pages to provide new ways to interact with web services.

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OTRS Watcher

Display amount of locked, watched, responsible entries and those in the queues

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Outlook Notifier Gan Atosú

Displays how much unread messages you have in your outlook webmail

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Outlook Web App Notifications Gan Atosú

Add system notifications capability to OWA (Outlook Web App). No configuration needed. System notifications about new emails or reminders are shown, the fav icon and OWA tab title are also updated with the unread email/reminder count.

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Outlook Web App Notifications: Icon & Popup Gan Atosú

Firefox addon for corporate OWA is useful to show counter of unread messages and notify about it via system notifications

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Outlook Web App: Show Unread Count in Tab

This will check for unread messages when using the Outlook Web App and put the unread count in the Outlook Web App tab. Pretty simple javascript app wrapped in a Firefox Extension.

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Outlook™ Notifier Plus Gan Atosú

Outlook™ Notifier Plus is the easiest way to open your Outlook inbox while you browse internet.

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OZ Bargain Hunter

Get instant updates on the latest deals, coupons, vouchers and freebies from brought to you by

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Track and Map packages from the right-click menu...

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Ihre DHL Services direkt im Browser

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PAD-Wiki-Helper Gan Atosú

A firefox add-on helps you filter PAD data on AND

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PageAddict is a Firefox extension that will help you monitor your Internet addiction. Once you install it, choose PageAddict from the Tools menu to display a summary of the time you've wasted on each web site for this day, and a graph of your web...

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PageQuery Gan Atosú

Execute jQuery and show results from a web page.

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See what the twitterverse is saying about the current page.

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Paragaranti Döviz

Paragaranti Döviz Ticker - Forex information in status bar - Turkish

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