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  • pretty

  • A darling theme for us ladies!

  • Good theme but in Firefox 29 this theme makes it so I can't use the address bar. Please fix this issue.

    Developer response

    The corrected version is awaiting validation.

  • Esta precioso, que te puedo decir eres lo máximo.

  • Ein schönes Thema -liebe Pink-nur eine Frage hab ich noch dazu
    wenn ich neue Seite öffne erscheint das FF Logo mit HG in Pink wie bekomm ich das dauerhaft hin(es ist nur kurz zusehen beim laden des neuen Tabs.

  • Looks nice, good job! The bees and such look nice, but the images could've been more detailed.
    My girlfriend is loving this one

  • thanks for making firefox themes so beautiful!!
    keep up the good work, i love them all!

  • Great theme but the toolbars could be a little narrower though. Too much screen real estate is taken up.

  • Great Job Mate!

  • I love it

  • gorgeous even tho I don't like pink much

  • very cute i love pink and it so the inner kid in me thanks

  • this one is so cute! i love it

  • My granddaughter loves it

  • Really cute theme!

  • Really cute theme!

  • Oh,Oh Cute!!! Love it-Splendid work.

  • This is a scream!! 5 stars mate, made for the kid in all of us...

  • Very Cute!!!

  • great fun, very cute

  • Super cute! Even for this 35 year old.

  • Très mignon les abeilles et trés original !!

    ps: n'oubliez pas de télécharger "bear blue baby" !!!

    bisous sofi

  • Easy on elderly eyes but cute enough for the grandkids. Good job on this one.

  • love it

  • C'est mignon tout plein.