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  • ad blocking not working at all on Youtube.
  • Great experience so far. I used AdBlock Plus before this n the number of options and features are much superior.
    It has simple as well as advanced view to block individual trackers and ad services, while ABP only has simple view.
    The smart block is heaven sent, I can view websites that don't allow ad blocking n may have pop up ads and with Ghostery I could access them without having to input any custom settings.
    So 0 annoying pop up ads or any ad actually.
    It serves the purpose that I installed it for better than other Adblock services I have tried.
    I had tried Ghostery on Edge many years back and the I didn't feel it to be exceptional at that time. But they have come a long way.
    Ghostery is the BEST AD BLOCK ADD-ON I HAVE TRIED. I've really liked the experience.
  • I edited my previous comment because it seems that now it blocks ads again from Youtube. This adblocker is extremely fast and easy to set up.

    By the way, I don't know why another user says it's owned by Microsoft. It is not.
  • This used to be an excellent privacy extension until Microsoft acquired it. Now it is just as untrustworthy as Google.
  • простыни яндекс-директа даже и не думает удалять.
  • Das PopUp, das gesperrte Tracker zeigt lässt sich nicht deaktivieren. Das nervt auf einem kleinen Display. Deinstalliert.