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  • Bardzo dobry .
  • I can see its value but it makes using the internet really difficult in the end. When you actually want to share things on FB, you just can't. There's no option to disable this on any site, which should be completely obvious to do. I couldn't put up with it after a week.
  • Einfach nur schlecht. Dieses Addon blockiert neben Facebook-Elementen leider auch noch zig andere Elemente. Ein vernünftiges Arbeiten ist nicht mehr möglich.
  • einfach nur klasse und toll
  • This add-on is only half-built. The toolbar interface makes it look like you can add sites to the Facebook container - there's even a heading that says "Sites you've allowed" but I can't find any way to do it. Without a way to selectively turn it off for certain sites, this add-on is a pain.
  • جيد
  • Biztos hasznos, de az az ára, hogy nem tölt be videokat független oldalakon sem
  • Does not work with Waterfox
  • Tnx, Mozilla! Facebook Container it works perfectly! 😊