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I own a Los Angeles web design company and we design websites using open source technologies such as php, drupal, phpbb, magento, ecommerce, and wordpress.

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Custom Buttons² Redémarrage nécessaire

The Custom Buttons² Firefox extension provides the code base support necessary to create, maintain, import, and export custom toolbar buttons. The buttons can perform just about any task, with a large number of buttons already available on the exte...

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Liquid Tabs

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Great idea, but in my browser I believe it conflicts with another extension. I think it is Tab control, but can't be sure. It seems to cause all links specifying target="_blank" to open in a new window and leave an empty tab in the originating window.

Ubuntu 10.04 Fx 3.6.10


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One of the best extensions on addons. such an innovative and easy to use extension.

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