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Transforme la première lettre des phrases en majuscule

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Join partial messages. Somewhat similar to MS Outlook Express "combine and decode".

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Check Domain


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Address Move Button

Allow you to add a Address Move Button to mail compose window.

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WordReference Translator

Open a tab with WordReference's translation for the selected word. Through a floating link, or by pressing "D" key.

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Address bulk copy (アドレス一括コピー)

Thunderbird は Outlook のようにアドレス全選択からの「一括コピー」ができません。

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Greek Translator

Translates English to Greek and vice versa.

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WebDAV for Filelink

Adds the possibility to use a WebDAV store for Filelink. With this extension you can link attachments to a WebDAV service, for example as provided by Apache's mod_dav or some public services.

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GPO support For Firefox and Thunderbird Pas de redémarrage

Firefox and Thunderbird extension to manage user preferences and user profile CA certificates using GPOs

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Category Manager pour contacts CardDav, permet aussi d'envoyer un email à tous les membres d'une catégorie.Category manager for CardDav contacts, also allows to send an email to all members of a category.

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ownCloud for Filelink

Add ownCloud support to Thunderbird's filelink feature.

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Z-Sync to Thunderbird Addressbook
Will sync Thunderbird address book to Zentyal, Zarafa, Horde and outlook.com/hotmail.

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gContactSync est un extension qui synchronise votre carnet d'adresses Google avec celui de votre Thuderbird 2 ou 3

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Return Receipt Toolbar Button

Cette extension permet d'ajouter un bouton de demande d\accusé de réception dans la barre d'outils de la fenêtre de composition.

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DL for Thunderbird

Allows to convert large attachments to links automatically without 3rd party providers.

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Bring to OneNote

Envoyer le texte et les images pour OneNote

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Ruler Bar

This appends a ruler to the mail composition window.

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LaTeX It!

This addons allows you to write LaTeX expressions in your emails such as $x^2$ or $$\sum_{x=0}\infty$$ and have them all replaced by a PNG image with the corresponding formula inside.

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Address Close Button

Adds a Address Close Button to mail compose window.

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