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Version 0.54.1-signed.1-signed 187.8 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 2.0 - 56.*

Now compatible with Mozilla Thunderbird 2+
Ajout d'options vous permettant de provoquer ou non le clignotement de l'icône dans la barre d'état lors des mises à jour
Ajout d'une option pour jouer un son lors d'une mise à jour (désactivée par défaut)
Mise à jour de l'apparence des options, il s'agit maintenant d'onglets, ce qui devrait être mieux pour les basses résolutions
Added locale information, French (fr-FR) is 95% complete, thanks to Goofy
Added locale information, Spanish (es-ES) is 100% complete, thanks to Proyecto Nave
Added locale information, Turkish (tr-TR) is 100% complete, thanks to Ersen Yoldac
Added locale information, English (en-GB) is 100% complete
Updated locale information, Dutch (nl-NL) is now 100% complete, thanks to markh
Updated the link to the support forums, VTL now has a dedicated forum not just a single thread
Fixed status getting stuck on extreme if the update failed
Fixed the elevated level image from jumping during update
Fixed users being allowed to not select any sites for the update source, this would cause VTL to not show a status, at least one site is required (if you have deselected everything in a previous version then you will need to open options and select at least one site)

Version 0.5 41.0 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 2.0 - 3.1b3

Added 2 more security links to the list, Kaspersky and Sophos
Added an options dialogue, allows you to select the sites you wish to use for score calculation, and the rounding method you wish to use
Changed the default rounding from round up to round nearest, you can change back using the options panel if you wish
Fixed a bug that could cause status not to display right after loading Firefox

Version 0.41 29.0 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 1.5 - 3.1b3

The threat status flashes unobtrusively every 15 minutes to alert you that it has been updated
Reduced some delays, should now update faster
This version is verified to be compatible with Firefox 3.1b

Version 0.3 28.0 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 1.5 - 3.1b3

Threat data is now collected from 3 different security sites, and the score averaged.
Localised the data to reduce the load on security sites used for data aggregation.
Links have been added to the VTL homepage and support forum.
Icons and breaks have been added to the menu.
Added locale information, English (en-US) is complete, and Dutch (nl-NL) is 90% complete.
Verified to work with the 3.1 beta.

Version 0.2 12.0 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 1.5 - 3.0.*

Now compatible with Firefox 3.0
Now uses McAfee for the status (instead of Symantec)
Added three more links to websites with security information
Changed all the graphics to make it look nicer

Version 0.1 15.0 KiB Fonctionne avec Firefox 1.5 - 2.0.0.*