Impossibly complicated for those unfamiliar with PGP Noté 3 sur 5 étoiles

I suppose if you're using PGP already, use it on the command line, this does something to facilitate its use in Thunderbird?

The fact is that I had to stop looking at this add-in with "PGP servers" option.

There is simply no way in the name of anything that I'd ever be able to convince anyone to use this without taking a SEMINAR on encryption and PGP.

Add to this that most of people (in population numbers, not by emails) who would *like* to send out an encrypted email would probably want to do it MAYBE ONCE OR TWICE A MONTH TOPS.

I want to send my computer-stupid friend a single message ENCRYPTED, but this is RIDICULOUS. It would be easier to type up a text file and put it in an encrypted Zip file.

Do you know how STUPID this whole thing is in this "computer age" of iPhones and iTablets? There should be an "E" button BUILT IN to Thunderbird and THAT'S IT.

The closest I've come is some "service" which wants $10 a month FROM EACH OF USER to use OPEN SOURCE software so we can send a HANDFUL of messages to each other a YEAR.

THIS is why no one uses encryption.

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