Great Extension, reasonable Idea! Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Hello, Philipp!
I'm think, this addon can be finally usefull if you may add to it a set of small features. I describe it below. I mean it for BarTab as basic Extension, but do not BarTab Lite!
1. Very reasonable for using it if mouse' double click on some Tab switch on/off status this Tab, i.e. load it now or unload Tab' content.
2. BarTab can be do not controlling any *:* (alike about:config) Tabs. Because it is Setup Tabs, and it haven't any big memory leaks... (As optional, it can be controlling as Lite mode: any 'Control Tabs' can be load on opening at time user's initialing this Tab, if user do mouse click on it...)
Many-many Thanks! :)
P.S. About reasons p.2. I'm prefer having permanently opened 3-4 Control Tabs as fixed. (You will be able to understand me better if you're 'a tab addict'. ^)) Now I need reloading these tabs just click F5...