Enables Firefox to "Download for Real" Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

This add-on has always been in my arsenal ever since I discovered it when using Firefox 1.x. Every time I reinstall Firefox, this, along with a few frequently used add-ons, will always be installed. This add-on enables me, not only to fasten downloading images and files, but also helps me to analyze some link pattern, and then download them all using Flashgot gallery. Oh yea, Flashgot's build gallery. That's also one of my frequently used tools. But this add-on is rocks, not only because of its flashy features, but also how it's developed out from needs. That's why this add-on keeps evolving from a simple add-on, into a full-fledged connection into the "real download manager world outside Firefox" as the need grows.

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