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Tab Utilities par ithinc

Open Bookmarks/History/Homepage/URL/Search in new tabs, and more utilities for tabbed browsing, including Protect/Lock/Faviconize/Unload Tab, Reload Every, Select and manipulate multiple tabs simultaneously, Tab Stacking/Coloring, etc.
Note du collectionneur Great replacement for Stay-Open Menu. Works great with Boox.

Stay-Open Menu par custom.firefox.lady

Facilitates opening multiple tabs from the Bookmarks Menu and various other bookmark/history related dropdown menus. Less need to keep reopening menu, without using the sidebar. Optional auto-closing feature adds extra convenience.

Boox par Nicolas Martin

Fonctionnalités pour vos marque-pages...
Note du collectionneur Latest version 2.6 beta2 here: - I can't do without this add-on, this is how RSS feeds should work in FF by default.

Places’ Full Titles par Greg K Nicholson

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Eliminates unnecessary truncation of bookmarks’ and history items’ titles.
Note du collectionneur Show the full title of each of the feed's related articles. - Why would you only want the first 30 characters?!

Reliby par gemal

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Reload all your Live Bookmarks aka RSS feeds with a push of a button

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