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Vitaly Repin

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Nom Vitaly Repin
Utilisateur depuis avr. 20, 2013
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Simple TTS

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I managed to add another language.


1) Go to ispeech to find the proper voice:
2) Downlowd the xpi archive from this mozilla page. It is zip archive in reality
3) Edit the file resources/simple-tts/lib/main.js and replace voice parameter in the audio.src
4) install add-on from a local file


1.5.17: Issues with coursera videos Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

1.5.17 version has serious issue with coursera HTML5 videos (tested with Firefox 17.0.5 and 20.0.1). Video content is played back but additional "break/stop" functionality does not work at all (They have an ability for the video to stop itself and request the user to enter answers to the questions in the same frame). Workaround: disable blocking of HTML5 or add coursera web site to the whitelist

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