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Google Enhancer - True Knowledge

A choice of search engines... Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

I've very much so enjoyed this addon ever since I first installed it.

My only disappointment with it is that the end user (me) is stuck with the developer's choice of search engines it works with.

I would love it if the user was somehow able to add additional search engines that the extension would work with.

This addon was always one of the first few I would install on any fresh new firefox installation. That was while I was still using Google as my main search engine. After learning many things about Google that I both disagreed & disapproved of I decided that I did not want to support or use them any more that I had to...

This led me to looking for a replacement. The search engine I decided to use as my primary search engine is one called DuckDuckGo.

I was rather let down that I could no longer easily supplement my search results with True Knowledge.

I've found that for me any vertical or domain specific search engine no matter how interesting or "neat" it is, if it doesn't have an everyday constant "go-to" function/use it slowly gets shoved over to the side until forgotten.

What I liked about this extension is that you didn't have to remember to check both your general everyday search engine AND True Knowledge... if True Knowledge had something it believed was relevant it was displayed as well & if it didn't then your search ran as usual.

It was only there when you wanted it to be, even if you had forgotten about it.

I haven't used True Knowledge in almost 2 years because of this out of "sight out of mind" phenomena. I do know that there are several work arounds I could use to implement to achieve a similar level of functioning as what this extension provided but... they are WORK arounds & not only do I not have the time to decide the most efficient way to work around this loss of functionality, I feel it safe to assume that no developer wants their end user to have to work.

Menu Editor

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A very useful addon that works as advertized.

My only complaint is the inability to import/export your settings. It is quite time consuming & a pain to manually adjust all your menu settings every time you reinstall firefox or install it on another machine.

It would be fantastic to simply choose to export your settings before you reinstall or freshly install firefox on another machine. Then after the re/install simply import your settings & you now immediately have your menus set to your unique custom preference.

With development being halted for so long I fear my complaint will be permanent.

Yet again another addon that I feel should come built in with the main build of firefox. If Mozilla's goal is to try to keep the browser as streamlined & simple as possible while yet being as feature filled, competent, powerful, and flexibile as possible I see no reason not to include several addon's concepts... Just because an option is available doesn't mean that every user has to use it.

What about the idea of a "Basic" & "Advanced" options mode. Basic would only display the most used options while "Advanced" would display all of the options.

This would allow "power users" the ability to customize their browser exactly how they like without having to patch together dozens of addons...

Such an idea would keep both the novice & the advanced expert satisfied.

App Button Color

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A brilliant addon that works as advertised.

Yet another addon that I feel should be a standard built-in feature of firefox.

I always despised that I could not change the button's color to match the rest of my browser's color scheme.

My only wish for improvement would be complete control over the colors to choose from rather than a predetermined set of colors.

Context Search

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Absolutely essential!

I have no idea why this concept has not been incorporated into the main build of firefox.

Seems like a simple concept to add & EXTREMELY useful.

I can't imagine any user being upset if this was a built in feature....

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Vertical Tabs

A great start.... Noté 3 sur 5 étoiles

With widescreen monitors being so common vertical screen real estate has became much more valuable & horizontal much more disposable, thus I've felt for awhile now that firefox should offer in the customize toolbars option where to display the tabs other than simply just "on top" (like google's chrome browser) or "on top" where firefox has always displayed them by default & should include the ability to choose vertically on either side of the display or even on the bottom, to keep them separated from the bookmark toolbar, if one has chose to have it displayed (I hate when rearranging my tabs I accidentally drop 1 somewhere in my bookmark toolbar).

This addon offers the ability to have your tabs listed vertically on either side of your display.

My only 2 complaints with the addon is that it does not integrate your persona. I'm using the persona "glass - blood" which is simply a solid shaded red. When using this addon the background of the tab list is completely white, totally ruining/breaking the visual appearance of the browser.

I have not tested it with other personas or themes so I don't know if this is true for all or just the one I am using.

The other complaint being that it attaches itself to the "sidebar", meaning that if you choose to have your tabs listed vertically on the right side of your display & you open either your history or bookmarks sidebar it will be on the right side as well. The tabs list & history/bookmarks sidebar cannot be separated. I would prefer to have my bookmarks sidebar be on one side & my vertical tabs on the other.

Other than those complaints it is an excellent addon. Unfortunately those 2 complaints are important enough to me that I don't use this addon. I can't tolerate the disregard for browser's persona... that's actually reason enough for me. I could tolerate the attaching itself to the general sidebar but I can't tolerate a broken color scheme.

A great start of an addon with room for improvement. I will be monitoring this addon in the hope that perhaps in the future it will improve in those 2 areas of which I complain.

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