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Since a few years (august 2009) I'm into Linux and all her distributions. Currently Lucid Lynx. A had lots of experience on MS-Windows. But...I'll never return. For one thing because of the extremely positive attitude of many contributors, forums etc.. who all surely make that difference that makes Mozilla in combination with Linux that what it is today. Contributing to the success, hopefully many will follow, just starting of as beginning "normal" user.

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5 stars

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Nothing to be said.... it's great.

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Xrl.In Tiny Links

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When I use Xrl I get links about 3 times as long as the original one. When I want to visit their site I get: Forbidden

The page codefisher.org/ is not accessiable to you. Typically this is because your trying to access a folder and not a file, and that is not enabled.

At all pages.... I don't know!!