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There are no obvious ways to actually install scripts, except copy-paste into editor (except File/Import on "Utilities" tab, which turns out to be for configuration rather than user scripts).
The support site doesn't quite work (has a frozen pop-up on top), but what shows gives Chrome specific instructions.

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Adblock Plus

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Dumbing down of interface in 3.0 made creation of custom filters complicated to the point of being prohibitively time-consuming.
But ability to generate custom filters on the fly was one of the main reasons to use ABP in the first place. Because filtering of hosts with ready lists can be done by simpler and thus lighter addons. Or on several other levels (all the way down to hosts file) that don't involve sticking more addons into already memory-hogging browser.
Thus it went from "indispensable" to "barely useful".

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Good addon, but badly needs scheduling controls (e.g. like SiteDelta has).

Right now it makes use of FF as the default browser (not to sit in internet, for online help and suchlike small stuff) almost impossible, because -
FF starts and HURRRRR 100% CPU, FF is almost unresponsive.

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That's a really good one. Lots of uses - from automatically fixing links for moved/mirrored/achived sites, to rearranging php arguments (e.g. so that URL would be easier to parse for "Automatic Save Folder"). Convenient setup, too.

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Classic Theme Restorer (Fx29-56)

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Cool, Firefox looks sober again.
The only problem is: All-in-one toolbar vanishes in customization mode and thus cannot be fixed manually.

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Suspend Tab

Good, but could be improved Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

It does something *extremely* weird with history and/or cache after session load - an unsuspended tabs that got "forward" history lands on random pages, then sometimes goes back where it should be, sometimes needs clicking through history. Not good, especially if the page is a result of a form, visit-sensitive, etc.

Also, "Suspend all other tabs" would be useful, not that it's a big deal.

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One of the most useful addons, since lots of sites worth watching don't have RSS. However, needs a few improvements:

1) Handling of errors - perhaps an option to ignore a subset. redirects usually should be ignored; 404 usually counts as a change... but seriously - treating 101 ("network unreachable") as "page changed"?

2) Ignoring reading/writing of cookies, per page. Sometimes allowing e.g. auto-login or theme choice is a good thing, sometimes not. E.g.: I only want to check a forum for new threads, which can be done anonymously; but if logged in, "new posts here" variable will be reset by SiteDelta's visit, so doing it on a schedule is a bad idea. Same goes for any other "changes after your last visit" pages. It would be even better to interact with cache, but that's overcomplicated.

3) Check the pages BEFORE other addons, such as e.g. Greasemonkey scripts. So that e.g. Webcomic Reader or other custom layout script toggled on/off won't count as a change.

4) Allow watch for elements other than html body or visible divisions - sometimes changes in html head or script constants are also need monitoring, and sometimes something that can't be pointed with a mouse needs ignoring.

5) Controlled minimum delay after the browser starts. No point to slow down FF startup when it's used to look up a help file or something.

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I'd give this addon 5 stars if not two big flaws:

1) Indeed, compatibility is an issue. When set to allowing defaults, the expected behaviour is not to interfere at all. Instead it conflicts with Session Manager, so e.g. may always load the previous session despite both addons' preferences implying it won't. It's not quite as bad when only 1 tab per window is loaded, and eventually one can find it back in FF config, but it's still annoying. It can corrupt sessions if allowed to, but this one happens when it's told not to do anything.

2) It supports only very crude domain masks in blacklist. However, half of URLs that needs to be blanket-blacklisted are forms and responces to forms, such as "*/login.*", "*/search.php*" and "*/reply.php*". Of course being able to e.g. keep "https://*.domain.net" untouched while "http://*.domain.net" tabs get unloaded rather than blacklisting the whole domain would be nice too.

Stop Tube HTML5

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Thanks, it works!I tried with "YouTube ALL HTML5" (http://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/youtube-all-html5/) addon to get youtube into HTML5 mode - so it works even without an account.

FoxyProxy Standard

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Good, but currently have a nasty bug: for some reason it disables FF built-in protection from bad redirects, which leads to memory-eating freezes. This happens even with "completely disable FoxyProxy" set in menu, as long as the addon itself is not disabled (then FF starts to report an endless redirect correctly).

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Very useful. The only ways it could be better is blacklist/whitelist for specific sites and perhaps handling those pesky whatever.php?arguments at least somehow - what with generated pages being the main reason for the whole "filename vs. title" headbutting.

Automatic Save Folder

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Variable syntax is weak and a little haphazard (couldn't stop on $ or %), on the bright side regexp in target folder name was a good idea (e.g. can save wikis into /%asf_rf%(\w+\:)%asf_rf%/).

Its great potential is almost unused, though.

After those saving file name updates of FF, ability to explicitly set name would be a good start. Just add one line for target file name and make at least title from current page's content accessible as %asd_ct% or something, so between it and file names it can be set case-by-case. Of course, since this means title gets grep'd now, it would go beyond workaround and be a great option in itself.

From bigger things, needs at least "if empty" fallback syntax or better true if-then condition. Add this and ability to get arbitrary META, and it could do just about anything short of julienne fries. :]

Most of all, needs updates - right now, last fixed beta from its site would be okay, especially since after first run got broken.

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It's great. I see two big shortcomings here, though:

1) Scripts aren't executed for the hosts denied by NoScript (XSS settings don't affect this). It's wrong, at least as the default option. If there's a client script INSTALLED, this means it's trusted. More importantly, the need to use a client-based script in the first place may in itself mean that the scripts from the server are either distrusted or unusable (browser incompatibility, CPU hogs, annoying meaningless redirects from permalinks like on deviantArt now, etc).

2) Doesn't play nice with other addons. Giving unmodified pages to e.g. SiteDelta would let it work normally rather than trip false alarms every time a Greasemonkey script changes a monitored page in a slightly different way. The same goes for "convenient minimalist view" vs. "background crunching of data dropped in that view" cases.

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FoxyProxy Standard

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Cool, but interface has a pair of annoying "features":

Ctrl-F2 hotkey is completely unnecessary, given that there are context menu, statusbar indicator menu, extensions setup menu, and it leads to, well, proxy options to begin with. But it blocks FlashGot, which really does need a hotkey.

The little nag screen about different security setups doesn't go away no matter whether checkbox was set or not and pops up every time.
edit: security warning about different cache/cookie setup popped up every time, but it's probably not (or not only) FoxyProxy bug, because in that profile i had other little glitches, and in the new profile it's gone.

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LiveJournal Addons

unfold doesn't work Noté 3 sur 5 étoiles

It did, but now doesn't expand anything, only loads the page in light style. BTW, could "?format=light" be made optional?

Automatic Save Folder

Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Pro: it can auto-create structure and filters are easier to access via toolbar button. (unlike Download Sort)

Con: ASF doesn't have per-filter memory, thus "it's root or nowhere" problem with most sites with unstructured URLs - like on xyzTubes and "thread only" subset of phpBB forums.

Proposed solution: to extract data from current page's elements the way SiteDelta does. This would easily catch Tubes' categories and forum structures even on most unknown phpBB.

Bug: currently help claims (\w) to be a word, but in fact $1d from it gives only 1 word character; (\w+) works, though.

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Good, though limited Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

Currently finds streams on YouTube but have the download button disabled.Fails to find at sheezyart.com (try sheezyart.com/art/view/1303602/)Having an editable rules file: good, but would be better if it was accessible in file-open-with way from options (and default is in "chrome", so without wizardry it's not accessible in an external editor at all). If user's file (customized) complemented the plugin's (updating) it would be better than choosing only one.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (2.044.1-signed). 

Popup ALT Attribute

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That's great! Just add adjustable offsets please. Because right now one or two first letters are covered by the mouse cursor.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (1.3.2009110201). 

Personas Interactive Theme Engine

As a proof-of-concept 1.0.5 works, let's hope the next version will be more useful. Noté 3 sur 5 étoiles

The idea is very good, but so far "interactive themes" from thunderthemes.com are installed with restart like normal themes and not on the fly, while that's the greatest advantage of using "lightweight" themes.
Also, lack of the basic instructions, e.g. whether Personas extension is required or should be disabled. It's not obvious.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (1.0.5). 

Glaze Black

Good, but needs a fix badly Noté 3 sur 5 étoiles

Theme's good.

But it causes a repeatable bug when NoScript menu opens, for some sites.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (3.2).