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Scrum for Trello

Latest version fixes the performance problem Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

The performance problem seems to be resolved. Very useful add-on that helps me plan and track time for Trello tasks

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Scrum for Trello

Excessive polling of Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

I love the Chrome version of this extension, but when I have the FireFox version (this!) enabled, Trello starts making calls to a URL starting with "" every 3 seconds. This bogs down the entire browser. Once I disable this extension, Trello stops making those call and everything is snappy again.

Not sure what it is doing or why (it's getting info back about modelIxUpdate whatever that is), but that is pretty much a deal breaker for me - which is a shame because it's such a great extension apart from this.

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For those desperate to make this work in FF8, it is possible to edit the <em:maxVersion>6.*</em:maxVersion> field in the install.rdf file and change the 6 to 8 (or higher). It's not recommended - you need to know what you are doing and if you mess up you could bork Firefox - but YSlow seems to work fine.

Yahoo just need to find someone who can change the 6 to an 8... Must be tight over there these days. :)

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