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Crystal Alloy Fusion - Blue

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wanted this one very much!'s beautiful! you just "have" to make this compatible with Firefox's just cruel not to!!!

Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Behold...the only add-on I'd whip somebody's ass over if they tried to uninstall! lol...SIMPLY AWESOME!!! Once they figure out your style...which they do very "quickly" if you're always rating and letting them know what you'll hardly be able to browse for trying to "get your groove on!" I have Mozilla 3.5.3, and I've gotten the "failed to connect" a couple of times...even while logged in...but it (always) ends up working after a minute or two...hell anything has to WAKE UP if you have'nt used it for a grip! lol...and I'd still be ready to fight if my Fire toolbar was missing! next best thing to You Tube itself, if you wanna hear good music without video! at first I did'nt know if I'd like it much because they essentially DJ for you with artists similar to the one you initially chose...but not only can you skip past what you don't like...but you won't believe how good they are at making sure you don't wanna skip shit!

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