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Abstract splash

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Always love this theme w/ the elegant use of red, black & grey (3 of my favorite color schemes). No matter the device I use FF on, I always find a way to add this theme!

Personas Rotator

Personas Rotator + Personas Plus Integration = Awesome Again! Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Glad to see this finally fixed to work again w/ Personas Plus! During the integration into the regular Add-Ons website of Mozilla, it was so disappointing to see it stop working (I actually disabled it for quite some time until they worked things out), but now it's back to the way it was. And it works great on Nightly & Cyberfox 64bit!

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Personas Rotator

Love it, but missing other options.... Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

Let me start off my saying this is probably one of the longest running add-ons (next to Adblocker) that I've used on my FF and I love it much. However w/ recent updates I've noticed the amount of options settings for controlling it has went down and it's become a bit of annoyance. It used to be that when I clicked on the Persona Rotator icon, it would show a list of my themes from 'My Favorites' section and if I happen to not be logged in (which that strangely enough happens every time I load up FF) there used to be an option to where it would take you to FF's Persona page so that you could log in. Now it does do that and every time I'm not logged in, I have to manually (I've resorted to bookmarking the Personas' page to try to lessen the headache) enter the Persona address, just to log in so that Rotator will work.

I really wish you'd add a settings option back that either let us login from add-on or easily guided us to the login page.

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You all really need to play catch-up for FF5 Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

This button doesn't even work w/ 5, it installs & sure it's listed in the Add-ons section of the browser but other than that not much we can to do use it. Perhaps it would've been wiser if you all kept up on the developing cycle of FF b/c practically the alpha you released was rendered useless in a blink of an eye (as that honest how fast it seem like FF5 jumped on the scene from 4).

Hopefully you all are making adjustments quickly (as we speak) to accommodate the change in FF.


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So glad to finally have AnyColor working again on FF (even if it's still in experimental mode)! I loved using it on previous FF version and was so disappointed as later builds of FF came along which made it incompatible to use for some time. It great to also see the Personas thing working too, as I remembered the last time I used AnyColor (before it had stopped working completely before this version), the Personas option didn't work well with it at all--frankly it didn't work, period.

Keep up the good work!

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I absolutely love how this makes it easy for you to make any color of theme you want! On Windows, running FF, this has definitely become my default theme.

The only caveat I have is that I wished their was a Linux/Ubuntu version. Other than that it's great.

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