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doesn't work Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

não está a funcionar, no meu firefox, nas janelas de escrita em pop up de novo post do tumblr, pelo menos, não funciona.

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TabGroups Manager

Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

No, even with the fix is not working fine, don't know what's the problem but like a previous user said it's leaving a gap between tabs, or overlaping them, i had the same issue on firefox 20, and i remember i lost a ton of time before to fix this and dropped the extension because of this, don't know if it's something in the about:config,i had the separator with the solution and i think i lost it in the process, anyway don't know if i have to uninstall TGM to fix, i think i had to do that before and couldn't fix it with it, will look into this now.

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TabGroups Manager

Firefox 21? Noté 2 sur 5 étoiles

yeah, seems to be working with the fix, but the problem is that i had this extension installed already before and lost a ton of already organized separators when closing and opening the browser again, because didn't restore the session sometimes, despite the fact i had all well configured in the options, sometimes it wasn't hovering the top bar of firefox, it used to appear on the bottom, but the problem is that this extension doesn't have a session restore that is working properly, in case this happens and you culd restore the data, if the separators appear not organized or lost again, after a lot of work, i see that option in the settings but don't know where are the previous TGM sessions being saved, (maybe in the windows pastes?) because you can't acess trough the browser buttons of TGM and restore it manually easily in the browser, and i don't want to having to save/export every damn session manually when i close the browser just in case, you should fix this, and integrate a TGM session restore more easily to acess the data of previous sessions so we could use it, another thing i think you should think about doing, you should try to register this and try to sell this concept to firefox, so they could integrate this on their browser for real, or to work with them, because this is key essential, because their tab groups thing button isn't working properly with the functions, because they exist by the half and aren't functional, and also because i was reading on the comments that chrome is going to have something like this, poeple copying your work, as anyone can see in the comments you have tons of users and they depend on this, so think about it, i think it would be great to firefox as an advantage regarding other browsers.

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TabGroups Manager

another extension is disabling this one. Noté 3 sur 5 étoiles

hi there, i came here just to let you know that another extension is didabling Tab Groups Manager, it's called Hide Caption Titlebar Plus, the function of it is to reduce browser space and puts the separators on top, in the title bar, so they disappear from the Tab groups Bar, and you can't even create another group, sometimes i install tons of extensions and took me a while to figure out that this one was the problem, so i was thinking your extension wasn't working at all, i think some users may be having the same issue if they use it or if using another one reducing space simmilar to this, so i wanted to leave the info here, i alredy left a comment to that extension creator so he can put an option on it so the separators don't go to the top, now i'm using only Tab Groups Manager, thanks.

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TabGroups Manager

important info/compatible versions. Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

to the creator: please put the compatible firefox versions in the info, this should be always present, even because of fixs and updates, i tried on firefox 20 and it wasn't working, now i come here now and then to see if it's working already and i only have feedback from the comments. thanks.

Tab Utilities

close and bookmark buttons in the tab list Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

put a close button and a add to favorites button in every link in the counter list tab, so we don't have to go back and forward to each tab in the browser to do that, this is an essential crucial feature to save time and trouble, the firefox tab list button is also missing this.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (1.5.1).